Last week something happened regarding SplashFly. During two years, I worked as much as I could on creating a better way to approach my game, SplashFly also achieved more than 2000 instals during this period (with almost no advertising beside my posts on social plateformes). And after way too much time, I finally released a quite big update on Android.  It contains an all new game mode named Academy, that is way easier than the original game mode (which became the quick fight mode) to play and also has noticeably more content. You’ll also be able to play it in portrait mode, allowing a more chilled experience. I'm already working on releasing this update in VR for the Quest. This should be quick since one of my goals with this project was to create a cross platform game and that most of it is thought of in such a manner that passing from VR to mobile or the other way around is easy. 

So as you’ll need to still wait a bit to explore it in the metaverse, you can already enjoy SplashFly on your mobile phone, check it out now!


SplashFly for android! 163 MB
Mar 27, 2021

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